Dog’s Backyard (Play Care)

This is a UNIQUE place located in Sydney, close to the CBD with a completely natural environment and open space for all kind of doggies. Palm trees, grass, space to run, pools to splash, holes to dig, DogMates to play with and the most experienced staff to look after your doggy.

Backyard Experience Transport Included

  • 1 Dog’s Backyard Experience $83
  • 5 Dog’s Backyard Experience $400
    Only 80 per DogXperience (Valid for 2 Months )
  • 10 Dog’s Backyard Experience Package $720
    Only $72.00 per DogXperience (Valid for 3 Months)
  • Full Week 5 Dog’s Backyard (Monday – Saturday) 340
    Only $68.00 per DogXperience -Must be used in the same week